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A ‘Raise’ To The Top…

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I was googling around when this particular word came up to my mind. My dad talked about this soo many times before and I also read it before on nat geo magz.. The word was.. *drumroll please…*

Future Dubai
Future Dubai


A fascinating city with never-before-seen-except-in-sci-fi architectures. Unimaginable to some and out of this world to some (overstated a bit there.. ^.^v). This almost a kilometer high tower on the side here is now the tallest man-made structure in the world. And the people whose responsible for it has intended to keep it that way.

The towers’ name is Burj Dubai, and if you’re interested on its update check their web.

Beside this 800 m or so tower, Dubai is also famous for its man-made islands. If I’m not mistaken they’d made two types of islands for sale, The Palms and The World. Interested? ^.^

Dubai is truly a sci-fi wonderland. It has an underwater hotel, a building with exoskeleton and coming up a first ever spinning building.

Okay, enough of Dubai for now. Let’s fly to a city with another one of the kind skyscraper that was called the tallest building in the world before the Burj..


Taipei 101

Taipei 101

Taipei 101 is currently the world’s tallest completed building on earth standing proudly with 509 m of height. It consists of 101 stories above the ground.  The construction of Taipei 101 was started in 1999, and finished in 2004 with the total cost was about 1,7 billion US dollars. This tower has the worlds fastest elevators (doubledecker) they can get as fast as 63 km / h. The indoor observation deck is on the 89th floor (382m). The total weight ofTaipei 101 is 700,000 tonnes, which is such a mass that could possibly make an earthquake. The structure is capable to withstand the largest earthquakes. The 800 ton damper on the top of thetower can reduce up to 40% of the movements. The Taipei 101 Mall is a 6-story shopping mall inside the building.

To be continued with


The petronas Twin Tower

~October 19th, 2009~


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